The Alchemist: under re-construction!

One of our newer puppets, Archie (named by performer and expert technician, Penny), is currently having his skeleton rebuilt after he broke his leg last year. Our resident Alchemist never seems to have much luck, in or out of the show!

Here’s Archie with Penny, during a necessary amputation procedure:

Penny the puppeteer operating Archie whilst Archie is operated upon!
Archie having his arm cut off


2 Replies to “The Alchemist: under re-construction!”

  1. Great to see you once more at Fuse Medway Beka .Glad to see the alchemist was all in one piece , do miss arthur though….much tidier than the alchemist.
    Best Wishes

    1. Thanks Darren,

      Was great to see you both too – so lovely to reconnect with people through the years. Arthur was my first act at FUSE and they are responsible for supporting me as an emerging artist back in 2006, so it was great to have the opportunity to be back in Kent again. As for the Alchemist, we’re already tweaking and polishing, and we’re really pleased that you both came to see it. I’m even more pleased that you recognised me!

      Hope to see you again once more in the future – Arthur says hi. Take care and all the best,


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