It’s been a long and busy summer for everyone at Frolicked and our latest production (and newest ‘make’) has been keeping us busy well into autumn…

Frolicked is currently working on a brand new show called Rats! featuring a giant inflatable rat (made by a bunch of intrepid rats to get their revenge on their human counterparts). Here are some of the development shots of this inflatable piece of engineering…

Model mark 1 was made at the incredible Forkbeard Summer School – with the fantastic team of makers and performers from Forkbeard lending their advice, knowledge and assistance.

This much needed support gave me the confidence to make a larger, mark 2 version of the giant rat! Model mark 2 is double skinned, which means one of our performers can slip inside him (and produce surprises from within!).

We were invited to perform a 10 minute snippet of Rats… at Hatch Festival in September. Here’s what some of our lovely audience said:

Visually brilliant. Really original concept. Lovely streak of naughty, dark humour!

Really original idea and the giant rat is AMAZING!

Playful use of projection… Very darkly funny.

We’ll be developing the show over the coming months and we’ll keep you posted!