Fancy playing a rat-infested murder mystery? Or a treasure hunt style puzzle that spans an entire town centre?

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Frolicked would like to present the following puppet-orientated games:

  • The Birds: the game is a race against time to solve a town-wide puzzle and free a captured, endangered bird
  • Who killed the rats? is a rodent filled murder mystery. Can you solve whodunnit and get that all important rat police promotion?

Our games tour to different places and can be adapted for different environments, but we do have a specific set of requirements for each game. Please contact us to find out more.

We have also created bespoke puppet gaming experiences:

  • The Waddesdon Hunt was a site specific performative game inspired by and taking place in the grounds at Waddesdon Manor, a National Trust property owned and curated by The Rothschild Foundation
  • The Hunt was a 5 day, cross-county treasure hunt with a unique prize for Yorkshire Festival

‘Pervasive’ or Site Specific Gaming is a cross over between theatre and game design. Real people become playing pieces and real environments (e.g. a corridor, a building, a park, a street and even a city) become the game-playing area. It is a fantastic vehicle for fully immersing players in any kind of narrative and encourages an audience to rediscover familiar places in a new way.

If you'd like to book any one of our shows, please contact us for more details!