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Frolicked is pleased to present the following shows and walkabouts:

  • The Alchemist is a 20 minute, intimate, family show about a determined medieval man and his disastrous quest to make gold… with a surprise twist at the end!
  • Arthur is a hygiene obsessed usher, who will inspect any given area (or lengthy queue) with pinpoint precision and clean anything… and anyone… who doesn’t match up to his high standards.
  • The Birds are a select set from an incredibly rare species who have found a new habitat in which to survive (and thrive). These harmonious creatures can burst into beautiful three – five part harmony at any moment!
  • The Boggarts are a pair of mischievous, legless goblins who have an incredibly over zealous attachment to shoes…
  • Never Too Old features Frolicked’s very own roaming old couple, Gran and Gramps. They’re well travelled, they’re mobile (just about) and they’re not afraid to use social media!
  • Nótt is a moon-carrying, fortune-telling, night-time goddess chaperoned by her magical companions, a talking crow and an enchanted tree
  • The Rat Race is a show about modern life as told by rats, taking place inside and through the holes of a giant wedge of cheese!
  • Tabitha is the beautiful, light-up ghost of a maid from the Victorian era with a penchant for waltzing and leaving a light coating of dust wherever she floats… She’s haunted lots of places at Halloween and Christmas time.

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